Elvis Montalvo

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page for the first ever Family Fun DGK Sunday Slamdown Wrestling Event on June 2, 2019!

The Slamdown will consist of an exhibition of professional wrestlers and a community wrestling event. Keep a look out for me in the Ring as I will be participating as a Wrestler!

As a New York City Detective I serve and protect and give it my all, and there is no difference in the ring...so come see me because I won’t hesitate to have fun!

My children Niko and Julianna have been part of the DGK school for the past four years, and they cherish their school, their teachers, and the multiple friendships they have created. My wife Chrissy (Kalogerogiannis) Montalvo attended DGK and has always wanted our children to be part of DGK.

I am excited to participate in the event with the goal of fundraising for the school. All proceeds raised from this event will go to the KAPT and help make much needed improvements to the school, including the building of an outdoor recreational area for students. The KAPT organizes and hosts a variety of educational and extracurricular activities that help cultivate the community that is the fabric of the school.

Please support me in my goal to raise money for our DGK! Any donation amount will be appreciated.

Thank you for your generosity and support!


Funds raised: $1,700 of $2,000


Thank you donors
Bruce Camacho : $100
Jose Cardoso : $50
Good Luck Elvis
Samuel Diviney : $50
Mary Campbell : $25
Grigorios Reppas : $100
Good Luck Elvis!!!
Anonymous : $50
Best of Luck on Sunday! nWo 4 Life.
Julia Smyrnioudis : $50
Edna Borge : $25
Stanley Dash
Good luck
Anonymous : $50
Proud of the man, husband and father you have become! Much love cuz and God bless!
Joseph Bianchi : $50
You got this Brother! I will be in attendance to see you represent your family!!
Lisa Covati : $50
You’ve got this Elvis... best of luck! ??
Cindy Camacho : $50
You go Elvis !
Bruce Camacho : $200
Make us proud Elvis
Bruce Camacho : $150
Make us proud Elvid
Robert Berte : $100
Anonymous : $50
Bruce Camacho : $100
Penny and Nick Palividas : $100
Jack & Elle Booras : $100
Carlos Garcia : $100
efstathia marinakis : $100
Elvis Montalvo.......Good Luck...and show them what NYPD can do......
Thank You for supporting Kaloidis Parochial School